Core Values

Falcon Ridge Fellowship seeks to be:


Have you ever felt lost, disconnected, disassociated, marginalized, ostracized, alone?

If you have, I have good news for you from your Creator Himself. Jesus, in John 15, uses the vivid imagery of the vine and the branches to drive home this point; God wants you to be connected to Him, God wants you on His team! He wants to give you His life, His hopes, His dreams, His love. He wants to share your hurts, your pain, your disappointments, your heartache, and He sent Jesus, to make it all happen.

And what’s more, He has a place for you, a place in the community of believers who call themselves “mini Christs.” A place where you can live, laugh, love and serve. A place of grace and belonging. Come be part of the Jesus Nation.


It’s amazing what tugs at our heart-strings. At any given commercial break, or even via a pop-up on the computer, we can be bombarded with the ubiquitous presence of abject misery on a global level. Everything from abused animals to Foster kids in desperate need of a winter coat.

Don’t get me wrong, we should be moved by these things, and we should act.

But I can’t help but ask the question; What tugged at Jesus’ heart-strings? And shouldn’t that move me as well, perhaps more? In Matthew 9:36 we read that Jesus looked out at the crowds of people and was deeply, profoundly and physically stunned, by what the Greek would call, a “gut wrenching” event. Yes, Jesus got sick to His stomach over the aimlessness of the people.

Do you have a heart of compassion to help people find their way back to God? Join us.


The very word “Contributing” has the power to send cold chills up and down ones spine. And when linked with the question, “How much can I put you down for?”, it’s not far fetched to imagine one succumbing to a violent seizure.

Get your EpiPen ready because we are asking our FRF family to participate in the greatest cause know to humanity, i.e. the disclosure of God thru the demonstration of Jesus in the generous giving of our time, talent and treasure.

Remember, Christianity is not a spectator sport. C’mon! Get in the game.


They say, everybody loves a parade. It gives a community a chance to celebrate, recognize, appreciate and showcase the best of what they offer each other and the world.

The church is a community as well, a community within a community, and at FRF we believe in being very intentional about celebrating the advances in Kingdom work the Lord has allowed us to achieve.

Throughout the year we will gather in the Name of God our Savior and testify of His greatness and recount His faithful acts.

Come and see that the Lord is good.