Growth Groups

Small groups are the best way to get to really know each other! Want to join in the fun? Use our Contact Us page to get more information.

Here are a list of the groups currently meeting:

Sunday Evening Group

Led by Bennet and Gloria Olsson, this group is fun-loving and passionate about digging deeper into God’s Word and relating what they learn to daily life. Currently, the group is discussing our new, church-wide curriculum, “The Story.”

They meet on Sunday evenings at 5:30 at the Olsson home. Children are welcome.

Tuesday Morning Women’s Group

Led by Doreen Hall, this group is a women’s daytime group well known for their generous kindness, easy-going laughter and great snacks.

Their time together often consists of study time, followed by a sweet snack. Consisting primarily of mothers of school aged children and retirees, this group rarely has children and does not offer childcare.

Wednesday Evening Family Group in Arlington Heights

Led by Larry Dearing and Lenny Rice, this group is the largest and most established of all our community groups. Of course, they love new members to their group! This group is best known for their loving support and encouragement of each other and their dedication to connecting with their neighbors.

They usually meet on Wednesday evenings in Arlington Heights and have dessert following the discussion time. School age children are welcome, but no childcare is provided.